How do you know if a Bee is “Good” or “Bad”? Let Insect IQ &  help you!

Did you know that over 150 different species of Bees live here in the state of Florida? Some can “bee” a deadly threat to children, the elderly and handicapped individuals. Horses, Dogs and other animals can be injured or suffer fatal envenomization events. Much of Florida’s feral (wild) population of Honey Bees are now Africanized and can be easily provoked into mass stinging events.

Even Honey Bee hives that are relatively gentle may be considered pests,when they build hives in and around structures, or anywhere humans frequent. In houses & sheds, hives can weigh hundreds of pounds, containing honey, wax, bee brood (baby bees:eggs-larvae-pupae). Hives also attract other pests including: Cockroaches, beetles, moths, ants,spiders,maggots and Rodents. Even Bears have ripped open house walls to eat the succulent bee brood!

Don’t Spray a Bee Hive! A dead bee hive will quickly decompose, attracting loads of pests, resulting in a very foul smelly mess. Maggots crawl away from the nest and spread throughout the building. Honey decomposes and drips, creating an ugly, dark, sticky mess. Bees from nearby hives are attracted and often are very aggressive, stinging people & pets. We’ve seen folks have to move out while the whole mess is cleaned out, and repairs made. Your cost can be many times the price of a proper bee removal done right

Other Bees may not even have stingers and provide vital pollination for native flowers and vegetables. Many of these don’t live in a nest, but only are interested in building a single gallery where the female lays an egg on a cache of nectar and pollen for her future young larvae. Control of these gentle, beneficial pollinators is often not needed! Just sit back and enjoy your private pollination “Air Force”

Other “Bees” aren’t even Bees, but are dangerous wasps living in large nests containing over a million individuals

Removing a wild honey bee colony in a tree
Bee hive in house wall. bear ripped it open
Bee hive from house attic
Bee hive in church ceiling
Honey Bees Building nest house in attic
Honey Bee Swarm entering House to build a hive nest
Normal bee sting reaction on neck