The Australian cockroach is one of several species of pest management services (pests that are managed either by the use of pesticidal strategies or physical means) and the most common species of peridomestic cockroaches (cockroaches being pests that live mostly outdoors but may be found indoors occasionally) encountered in southern Florida. This species resembles the American cockroach, but can be distinguished by the presence of light yellow bands on the upper margins of the forewings.

Because the Australian cockroach is primarily outside, an approach to pest prevention and control that includes preventing entry into structures is recommended. For example, door thresholds should be installed tightly, a space the width of a quarter is enough to allow entry. A simple way to look for cracks is by standing inside a structure and checking whether light shines through cracks around doors or windows.

Additionally, habitat removal, such as organizing or removing the stagnant clutter in your garage, would be an effective way to control Australian cockroaches.  CALL TODAY 855-930-2847 FOR A FREE INSPECTION

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