What customers are saying about Insect IQ’s Pest Removal Service

  • You made a bad situation enjoyable and actually fun!
    Thank YOU!!! You made a very aggravating experience awesome!! We were awestruck! We had no idea how complex and fascinating bees are. We both told each other after you left that we felt our jaws dropped open every time you told us something about being an Entomologist.
  • Tampa Bee Removal
    I just wanted to thank everyone for their part in helping us with our situation. It shows that our community has a “heart” and cares. I know it’s a difficult time for everyone right now and the smallest things can make the biggest difference in the lives of our neighbors.
  • Professional, Polite, Pleasant & Informative!
    Thank you very much for coming out so quickly today.  I can’t imagine what that swarm might have looked like by tomorrow morning.  You were professional, polite, pleasant, and informative.  I will speak to our teachers in regards to you conducting an assembly for us in the near future.
  • Windermere Bee Removal
    Thank you very much for safely re-locating our bees. We hope that they will enjoy their new home and produce lots of good honey and cross-pollination for other plants.
  • You gave my buzzing friends a new home!
    It’s with appreciation that I thank you for relocating our “girls” who had been residing in our wall. The pest control company only wanted to spray, kill and leave them to suffer in the confines of our home, but you were kind enough to consider removing them alive.
  • School Board thanks us for prompt service!
    Thank you for the info and we especially thank you all for your prompt response to my phone call! You all have always been ‘johnny on the spot’ for our needs – you’re appreciated! Lake County Schools (Florida)

Massive Honey Bee Nest removed from Downtown Orlando Church

Orlando, Florida: Central Florida’s CF13 News & WESH2 cover our removal of a very large honey bee colony located in the wall of a downtown Orlando Church. We enjoyed meeting and helping Mr. McGee. Call one of our experts at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) for expert Honey Bee and Killer Bee treatment and removal.

WESH’s Aixa Diaz writes “More than 50,000 bees were removed from the wall of a downtown Orlando church on Wednesday. Mark McGhee, property manager at the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, said that he wasn’t sure what to do with the swarm of bees coming from the hive. “First of all, I couldn’t find anybody to do it,” said McGhee. “I knew I couldn’t do it.” McGhee hired a professional company to come in and remove the bees. Upon drilling a hole in the wall, it was clear that the bee hive extended all the way to the floor. 

Experts said that it was a mature colony with at least 50,000 bees living in it, and they said it was a mix of European honey bees and Africanized killer bees. “Normally European bees aren’t as mean as African killer bees, but a colony this size could be extremely defensive,” said Richard Martyniak, an entomologist.” See Aixa’s video and the rest of her story here.

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