Mosquito Control

& Treatments

Mosquito control starts with a technician performing a thorough inspection of the property and in particular, sources of standing water near the infested structure.  Depending on the level of mosquito infestation, your state-licensed technician will suggest treatments suited to reduce your mosquito population. Sources of standing water which mosquitoes use to breed will receive a larvicidal treatment. In vegetation near the structure, we use a long-lasting adulticide broadcast treatment to ensure that adult mosquitoes can’t establish themselves.

Pest Management
Effective eco-friendly methods
InsectIQ utilizes a wide selection of effective eco-friendly methods in order to eliminate your mosquito problem. In addition, we implement strategies to help protect against future outbreaks which are effective yet safe for pets and children to be around.
Reduce Your Mosquito Population
Fixing the Present infestation and preventing future mosquito outbreaks using the right combination of management methods to your yard. For optimum protection, regular treatments between the months of April – October are highly recommended.