Beekeeper’s mean bees stinging neighborhood

KOBTV: A Beekeeper in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has his neighbors Stingin’ Mad. His bees have become very agitated, with his bees stinging his human and dog neighbors. 

see the video;  Beekeeper’s mean bees sting neighborhood:


One of the neighbors wrote:

We live 4 doors down, my husband was attacked yesterday and is having a major reaction to the sting in good left arm. I’d upload photos is possible. Our lives are secluded to our homes, we can’t let our kids out nor our dogs n fear of being attacked. I can not believe this is allowed, the city needs to step in and kill them and see spray the neighborhood to protect us and make the home owner pay for it and for the medical costs that we have all racked up.

backyard beekeeping
Bee Hive Box in a Backyard

 For most people, a bee sting is just a temporary but painful experience that subsides in a day or so. But for about 5% of the population, even one sting can cause death! And Bees stinging  animals, especially dogs & horses, can also be serious events.

Bee Sting on arm illustrating Red, inflamed "wheal"
Bee Sting illustrating Red, inflamed “wheal”

Stinging insect venoms contain proteins that normally evoke only a local reaction producing a characteristic red ‘wheal’. Sting sensitive individuals’ bodies react with a system wide reaction that causes reactions including respiratory & organ failure that can lead to death in minutes!

It’s important to know that this incident is very rare!  Florida has a “best management practices for beekeeping” and regulates beekeeping, so if you have an issue with a nearby beekeeper’s contact Florida’s Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection> Apiary Inspection .Most backyard beekeeping is beneficial and creates no additional risk for neighbors. Unless you have an issue with your beekeeping neighbor giving you free honey !

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist

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